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This is where you come to obtain a building permit if your planned project is located within unincorporated Sacramento County.
The purpose of the building permit process is to ensure that projects are constructed and installed in accordance with the California Building Code, Sacramento County regulations and related building laws. These building codes and ordinances are intended to ensure your project is safe and a benefit to you and the overall quality of our community.
Building without a permit is against the law.

Our website is organized into five areas for:
In some cases you may also be able to obtain a permit on-line. On-line permits are for miscellaneous permits such as:
  • Water heaters
  • HVAC systems
  • Solar Panels PV Systems
  • Reroofing
  • Pool Replastering
  • Replacement of residential water or sewer lines
  • Electrical panels, meters and gas meters
  • SMUD safety inspections
If you are not sure if your project requires a permit it is strongly recommended that you check with our office before you build. 916-876-6129

Ways to Save Time and Money.

Frequently Asked Questions about Permits



Fill out your permit ahead of time

You can save time by having your permit application filled out before you come to our office. Select the type of permit you will require from the list below.

Print out and complete the form and bring it with you.
If you have a simple project like a water heater replacement, HVAC system change out, a new window or a re-roof you can obtain your permit on-line by setting up an account.
If you are not sure what you need, ask. (916-876-6129).

Submit electronically

You can save money in document scanning fees by submitting your plan sets, energy and engineering documents electronically. There are two ways to do this:
  • As an attachment to your on-line or PDF permit application.
  • On a mass storage device that you bring with you to our office.
Commercial Tenant Improvement (TI) Building Permits can be processed on a ‘fast track’ basis with our ‘Quick Check’ Permit Program. We have dedicated some of our most senior staff to the task of processing specific commercial permits through all approval phases which encompass reviews from planning, zoning, fire and related agencies. Below are the basic requirements you can use to see if your project qualifies for a ‘Quick Check’ TI Permit.
  • Building is either B or M occupancy 2000 SF or less.
  • Scope of work is clear and well defined.
  • Does not create new building square footage.
  • There is no change in use.
  • Utilities in building are not changed.
  • Has no Energy Calculations.
  • Have 5 Plan Sets stamped by California licensed Architect or Engineer.
  • Includes special needs access forms.
  • No changes to exit doors or windows.
If you discover (or we do) that your permit has expired it is important for you to renew it. Permits expire like the tabs on your automobile license plate. You cannot drive a car with an expired plate and you cannot build with an expired permit. To do either is illegal.
Without a valid building permit you will not be able to complete the inspection of your project. Eventually, the incomplete inspection will show up on your property title report at the County Assessor’s office and may complicate any future sale.
Fortunately, there are simple ways to fix the problem. The first step is to visit our office and meet with our staff so the exact status of your project can be established. This gives us a starting point. Then, as needed, the permit is reactivated (sometimes with a fee) and the remaining inspections can be completed and your project closed out.
Sometimes a project permit is started and submitted for design review but the time for the completion of the design review needs to be extended. To extend a permit issuance, while in review, is a matter of requesting that it be extended. Sometimes there is a fee associated with the extension. Permits cannot be extended or renewed more than twice and for not more than two years from their original issue date without the approval of the Chief Building Official.
For Expired Permit Help call 916-876-6129

Planning a New Construction, an Addition or Alteration; what should my permit application documents include?

It is very important to fully describe your project otherwise our plan review and inspection staff will not know what it is you are planning to build or if it is safe. If the documentation is incomplete or unclear then your permit will not be issued.
  • You will require the same documents used to obtain a regular building permit but you will also need to include a Fire Report if the damage was caused by a fire. The Fire Report details the extent and nature of the damage.
  • Other types of damage can include flood, earthquake, broken pipes or vandalism.
Building permits issued to repair damages generally have a reduced fee rate which is why it is important to fully describe the work and establish the extent of the damage.
Sacramento County Building Permit and Inspections has a program called ‘As – Built Inspections’. This program is specifically designed for property owners who discover unpermitted work and need to bring their building into compliance with building code.
The advantage of the ‘As – Built Inspection Program’ is that it establishes a starting point from which you can plan any needed improvements to correct problems. We charge a fee for this valuable service which varies depending on the complexity of the inspection.
For As-Built Permit Help call 916-876-6129

I have a Notice of Violation on my project. Who should I contact to resolve this problem?

A Violation Notice is very serious. It means that a construction or an improvement on your property was constructed without a permit or may likely pose an unsafe condition to you and to the public. 

For violation help, call (916) 876-8814. 

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